Postmodern Pictorialism (2013-2014)

Platinum/Palladium Prints
11 inches by 14 inches

Taken from Eric's Postmodern Pictorialism series, these images blend art-historical references with antiquated processes to emulate the artistic principles concerning craft and aesthetics that materialized within the Pictorialism movement of the late 19th century. Merging pictorial craft and aesthetic criteria with the conceptual notions regarding appropriation and repurposing that emerged from the Postmodern school of thought during the late 20th century results in the guise of landscape photography pastiche. At the point where ideas of the picturesque meet ironic self-reference, these photographic objects blur distinctions.



Vivid scenes prearranged on vintage wallpaper are photographed in the studio using an 8x10 view camera loaded with black & white film. After development, the film is contact-printed onto textured paper that has been previously hand-coated with an alchemic platinum-palladium solution. The film, paper, and solution are exposed to ultraviolet light for a considerable period of time before undergoing final chemical processing. As a result of proportioned solutions, hand-coated emulsions, and individual paper characteristics, each photographic object is unique.